Hello and welcome back to my crochet page. Today i have got 3 easy and quick patterns to make afghans, blankets, shawls, cowls, scarfs, bags and cardigans. These are really cool patterns with simple stitches. Mostly stitches that are used, double crochet stitch, chains, shell stitch and bobble stitch. You can add many colors and do these pattern in any size . So lets go down and get your free pattern.

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Here is our first crochet free pattern for making summer tops, shawls, scarfs, cardigans, and beach bags. This is cable crochet stitch and really very easy to do. This looks complicated like knitted but its as simple as front post double crochet stitch. I have a beautiful and detailed free tutorial for this stitch. Tutorial is very simple and easy to understand. For making the same stitch, watch and follow the video step by step.

Free crochet patterns for making blankets, cardigans, sweaters and shawls. This is super nice pattern and look very cute in any color combination. You can do this in any color you want and any size you need. Just follow the step and learn it step by step. click on the picture to get free pattern.

Last pattern is very beautiful and cool to make something for babies. You can add pink color with white to make a blanket for a baby girl or make it in same for a baby boy. Pattern is gorgeous and unique. You can see shell stitch in this pattern so its easy to do.

This is crochet 3d pattern . This is ideal for blankets, shawls, caps, bags, scarfs, ponchos, cardigans etc. This can be made in one or more colors, but i prefer two colors for this pattern. I have done in white and pretty pink. so, one side is in white and other in pink, like below. So, we can use both side in this pattern. If we make a blanket with this, we can use any of the side. both sides are neat and right. There are no left overs. All the yarn starting or ends parts, are weaved in sides. so it looks neat and can be used both sides. Blankets, shawls, scarfs, throws, all these can be used in both sides. This pattern is one row pattern. if you learned one row, then this is all. I love to make this pattern again and again because it is super easy and quick to make. It is beginners friendly pattern and anyone can do this easily.