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Blankets and afghans are the best choice to cover your baby or cover yourself. But if you make your own blanket with your hands, that is more impressive. You can create blankets in three ways, knitting, crochet and sewing. Sewing is and art done with machinery. knitting and crochet you only need to have needles , hooks and yarns. Knitting is the process or making items using two needles and yarn. Crochet is done with one hook and yarn. In crochet you need to handle hook in one hand, other hand deliver yarn. Crochet is more enjoyable activity than knitting. You can crochet whatever you can think of.

Today i have different patterns to create afghan and blankets with your hands. I have attached the free pattern along with pictures so you can go there and get free patterns for you favorite stitch. Before getting the patterns, subscribe to m youtube channels. I have a lot of patterns for blankets, cardigans, sweaters, tops coasters, and many other things.

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This pattern is as simple as double crochet stitch. Double crochet stitch is the basic stitch in crochet and every beginner know about this stitch. Mostly people do call this stitch DC . in this pattern you have to do two rows for each color. You can add more colors but two colors are minimum . You can use this pattern to make afghans, blankets, cardigans, sweaters, tops , bags and scarfs. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

This is totally 3d look pattern for many things like blankets, throws, cowls, ponchos, bags, scarfs, tops and cardigans. This is super beautiful and i love the 3d effect in this pattern. If you want to try out this pattern, click on the picture . Click will lead you to the free pattern.

Really fast and easy pattern is here. This is again with two color yarns. I always love to do my projects in two or more colors. This pattern is best for summer tops, beach bags, scarfs, throws, and cowls. You can create beautiful vest with this pattern. Click on the photo for free pattern.

Last but not the least, this is really gorgeous pattern. If you are beginner and you only know how to chain and how to do double crochet, then this pattern is not for you. This is tough than regular stitches, best for advance level crochet artists. This looks more suitable for long coasts, cushion covers, cardigans and bags.

I hope you will love all my today’s patterns. If you love, share this page with your friends and crochet lovers. Thank you

How is this pattern? This is all my creation and my own pattern with beautiful stitch. This is today’s Crochet pattern with Flower frills. Its called Flower Frills pattern. Frills are in flower shape. You can see the flower petals in each frill. It creates a pretty looks and makes a simple stitch more beautiful. Its more ideal for baby blankets, baby skirt, baby cardigans, scarfs, tops, pocket shawls, bags, etc. you can use it as border for any crochet blanket or mats. I have used 3 different shades to create a soft delight look.