Hello, my loves, how are you? This stitch that we are going to make today is a very easy stitch to make. For you who are a beginner here in crochet, you will be able to do this stitch with peace of mind. Just pay close attention to the step by step during the video. Don’t skip any part that there won’t be any doubt afterwards. Even so, if you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments, and I’ll help you. Remembering that if you haven’t subscribed here on the channel, ‘’CROCHET ONLINE COURSE’’,  you already subscribe. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make the pieces with him we can make as many initials as we want until we reach the size of our piece. So, to make this sample here with you, I’m going to work 42 points.


We lasso. Here we make the initial knot and work the chains. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to loop our hook and we’re going to start working on the fourth chain. So, we have the first, second, third. In the fourth chain we put the needle. We bring the yarn and here we are going to work double crochet. These three chains that are here at the beginning of our line already serve as the first point. Let’s go to the next one and also work high point. This line will be all done this way. Double stitch on top of each stitch we have as a base. So, we’ll keep doing it until the end. Arriving here at the end of our row of double crochets we are left with the job like this. It looks pretty good. Now we ‘re going to turn our work around without making any chains here at the beginning. In this first space that we have here we are going to place the needle. Bringing a loop and this loop we’re going to make a slip stitch like this in the first stitch we have. We go to the second and work another slip stitch.

Without leaving that stitch tight, otherwise we can’t make the next row. So let ‘s always keep it light. Bringing the loop and making the slip stitch here. So, we’re continuing along our entire line. We’re going to do a slip stitch in each stitch that we have as a base, walking through the whole work here. Look how beautiful the design is getting in this part of our work. Coming here at the end of our line we have this drawing here. The last stitch we’re going to make on top of this third chain here. So, we put the needle in and now I’m going to change the thread color. I put the needle in that last stitch. Let’s finish the line with this other color like this. If you want to do it in one color, no problem. You can continue the next lines with that same color.

So here we are going to work three chains. Anyone who wants to cut this thread that we worked on here first and tie it with this other one to facilitate the finishing here, can also. When we go to change colors again we just take this other color here and work like we did here. So here we now work three streams. We turned our work. Let’s loop the needle and to work this thread here we have these two chains here in the front of our work and two chains here in the back. So in this second stitch, taking the two chains from the back, we’re going to work a double stitch. We leave these two chains here in the front. Let’s take these two chains from the back here, which was the line that we made in the previous line. So that’s why we can’t make this thread too tight for us to get our needle in between the stitches. Look at the beautiful relief that is getting here in front of our piece. We are creating this relief to give our work an extra charm here. So, we’re going to keep doing it all the way through. Always working on this point back here. I made this whole line here, making our work this way.