Hello and welcome to my crochet page. Today i have some different pattern from different crochet categories. I have four free pattern for coaster, sweater , flower and shawls. These all are really pretty and cool pattern . Everyone should try these patterns .You can create a lot or projects with these four patterns. Thee are totally free and you can watch them again and again with no cost. If you like these patterns, do share with your friends and crochet lovers.

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I love this flower. Pattern is really cool and new. Its 3d flower with two layers of petals. You can make these flowers to attach on headbands, bags, shawls, tops and can be used ad decoration. Pattern is simple you just need to make double crochet and puff stitch. Click on the picture to go to free pattern.

This is crochet table mat or coaster made with joining many flowers with each other. In this pattern, make these four corner flowers or motifs then join then to shape like square or rectangle . You can use many colors or single color. This is easy and simple pattern and anyone can do it easily. For free pattern, click on the picture.

Next pattern can be used for multiple purposes. You can do vests, shawls, bags , throws, skirts, tops, cowls ,scarfs and many other projects with this cute pattern. It is easy and mixture of double crochet stitch and chains.

Last pattern is for vests, sweaters, tops, shawls, bags, scarfs and shawls. This pattern is made with different technique called Tunisian crochet. In this Tunisian crochet, crochet hook is used like knitting needle. Click on the picture to see the pattern.

This is my today’s pattern, crochet coaster. I made these two coasters with same pattern, same rows, and different colors just to show you how they can look in one color or in contrasts. These are in best size for cup coasters. You can make room rugs with the same pattern and with big hug and chunky yarn. This pattern is really easy to do . All you need to learn DC and FPDC. There are only two types of stitches, DC & FPDC. Easy to do and fast working.

 Written pattern Attached

Total Rounds 6

R1; Magic Circle, 3 ch, 12dc,Join the last dc to the first chains st (13)

R2; 2ch, FPDC in 3chains stitch , 1dc in space between 1st and scond dc, 1fpdc in 2nd dc, 1dc in space b/w 2nd & 3rd dc, repeat (26)

R3; 2ch, fpdc in R2 fpdc, 2dc in space b/w fpdc & dc, repeat (39)

Do add one st extra in every row.