So, we skipped two bases. In the next stitch we make double crochet. Two points within that space. One point up here. Two chains. Now let’s work the high point here in the corner. So over this point, we’re going to pull a loop here. Let’s take two. Embracing this thread, we will bring the loop and close the high point here. We make a chain hugging this thread. Let’s bring one more chain. We take this loop and bring it here forming the three chains. We loop the needle. We turned the work around and we’re going to come back making the four points here. Two chains. Now we make the four stitches again. This is how the design of our point is getting. Then we’ll adjust them here to get it right. Now let’s make the two chains. Loop the needle five times. We skipped two base points and here we take it every two points. Two chains. We loop five times. Now we work here taking two by two. Two chains. We loop five times. We go here in the third chain that we have as a base and we make the last stitch.

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So that’s how we finished this part, where we made three lines in one. Always working here with three lines at once. Then we arrange the stitches here and it will be very straight. Now the third part of our work is the repetition of these three lines. So, we’re going to make three chains here. Loop the needle. Let’s repeat the first row. So inside here we’re going to make two double crochets. A high point up here. Two chains. We skip this space. Next time we do the four double crochets here. Now we are going to repeat the eight chains. Let’s skip all this space. Here in this last point we make the high point. We work the four points. Two chains. In this next stitch, we work with a double crochet until we have four stitches.

Let’s make the eight chains and repeat here exactly as here at the beginning. Arriving here at the end of our line. We’re going to make the last stitch on top of this eighth row. Counting from bottom to top. This completes this line. Now let’s repeat line number two. Then we do the five chains. We skip two points. We make the high point. Two points inside. A stitch up here and we make two chains and a double crochet here. Let’s repeat the eight chains. Within this space here of the low point we are going to work a low point again. Three chains. We lasso. Within the same space we work an elongated high point. Taking a point. Taking two. Taking two. We make a chain and inside here we will work the five double crochets.

Beautiful Crochet One Piece Motif flower pattern free

 Then we repeat up here what we did here. Exactly how we work here on the second line. I finished repeating the second row. Let’s repeat the third row and then we’ll repeat this part up here. So this point is formed by these six lines here. Since this second part we make the three lines in one. So that way we keep repeating. If you have difficulties, just go back to the video. See again this part that is a little more complicated to do, but it’s not difficult. As soon as you train a little you can already do it. I hope you liked our work. If you liked it, leave a like. Subscribe here to the channel. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Thank you so much for everyone’s attention and affection. A kiss on the heart. Stay with God and until the next Pattern.