Hello gorgeous ladies and guys , how are you doing all. Welcome to my crochet page. Today i thought to share some bags patterns and blanket pattern with you. I have two beautiful and easy patterns to make small purse or bags for babies or coins. Next two patterns are for doing blankets or shawls for any age or gender.

I always share free patterns with you . On this site, I almost uploaded or shared 1000 plus free patterns. Very few pattern that are shared, are paid. Free patterns are in video tutorials and some are in pdf form.

This is mini draw string bag for coins or you can make it for babies. This pattern is called V stitch . This is easy to do. You only need to learn how t9 do double crochet stitch and chains. This pattern is started from chains row and then work around. Do a double crochet stitch , 2 ch and then again do a double crochet in the same stitch. See the full pattern by clicking on the picture. When you will click on the picture, you will directly lead to the free tutorial.

Next pattern is also fit doing a bag in small or big size. Tutorial is done for a small bag for kids but you can do big size by increasing the stitches equally. This whole bag is done in double crochet stitch and some chains. Pattern is called crochet Chevron stitch. This is also called zig zag pattern. You can copy this pattern to make other projects like blankets, hats, shoes, tops, baby dress etc.

This is my favorite pattern for baby cardigans, shawls, tops, bags and many things you can imagine of. This pattern is done in two beautiful colors, pink and white. These two colors look so pretty together.

Next pattern is bit different is making. This pattern requires to learn two easy and basic stitches, double crochet stitch and chains. Pattern is easy and looks so cool for tops or shawls or any other Summer project.

Ok, this pattern is done for many things. You can use this one piece or granny square as coaster or make a little purse by joining 2 granny squares. You can make huge blanket or sweaters or coats by joining multiple of these. You can make big shoulder bags or laptop bags with these too. This is very very beautiful pattern with 3d flower.

This is for making coasters . This is cute and easy pattern with simple instructions. Two colors are used here to give a gloomy look.

These both are too beautiful patterns and made for summer shawls, vests and beach bags. You can make beautiful baby dresses with these patterns using these bright colors.

How is this 3D crochet pattern? this pattern is for baby blankets, baby cardigans, women vest, sweaters, scarfs, bags, mats, hat, shoes or everything. I have done this pattern in only one colour. You can add other colors too. This pattern has shells and front post double crochet stitches. This pattern is basically the multiple of 8 chains. I have done here 32 chains, for 4 portions of zigzag design. Go to my channel for the patterns.