Kashmir will be solved by US choice; PM sends Imran Khan message…..
According to international affairs experts, Pakistan should try for paradise, Kashmir cannot be solved without the will of the United States. Media reports quoted Dr Adel Najam, an international affairs expert, as saying. To say that passing a resolution from the UN is not as easy as it seems.

He said that diplomacy is a very big act. And we have very few friends instead of India. He said that Kashmir will not be resolved on September 27. It is the job to keep it alive. The international affairs expert will not run a slanderous recommendation from Pakistan.

If Malala Yousafzai tweets and meets with world leaders, her voice will be heard.

He said that if Pakistan’s political situation is not good or otherwise send Bilawal and Maryam Nawaz to the world, something could happen. Former Secretary of State Shamshad Khan said that Kashmir and Palestine are not involved in problems in the world. Ultimately, Pakistan and India will do the same, but will be under pressure from external powers.

If the contractor could have been approved in the UN, when would Pakistan have done it? No matter how many votes we have in the UN, without the permission of the US you cannot get the vote. Unless the US wants it, Kashmir will not be resolved. The US had also called on Musharraf and Vajpayee, and once in the UN, Israel voted for Pakistan at the behest of the United States. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should focus on solving Pakistan’s problems. Because unless you put yourself in the right direction, no one will help you, “he said Article 370 of Pakistan’s first priority is the maintenance and Kashmir understand the problem.Kashmir will be solved by US choice. Its a message from pakistan ‘s Misnister Imran khan.