Hello and welcome crochet peeps . How are you doing all. I know many of you searching new and some unique patterns for doing some new projects. I have posted a lot of patterns for blankets , sweaters , motifs blankets , scarfs, bags and many more things on this site. Crochet is a vast field and you see new patterns everyday.

Crochet is the bestest hobby in my opinion. Its full with new thoughts and relax you in depressed days. Many depressed people create unbelievable things.

I have some of best and beautiful new patterns for blankets. Shawls, coasters and square motifs.

This pattern is specially made for making a beautiful 3d looking blankets or throw . Make some of these squares and then join them together until your size. You can make beautiful bags with these squares. You can use any of color contrast in this pattern. Pattern is so easy and simple to do. I have attached a video pattern for free with the picture. Go to my channels and get the free pattern.

This is my favorite pattern for doing these motifs to make a beautiful afghan. This is new and amazing pattern and also easy to do. Start doing this pattern as simple granny square and then add a different color to make the leaves design. This is super easy to follow.

Next pattern is for making shawls , scarfs , throws, and sweaters. You can do a beautiful baby top with this pattern. In this pattern, 2 colors are necessary to use otherwise with single color , this pattern would lose the same texture.

This square is done with using two stitches together. Shell stitch and puff stitch 8s used here to make a unique and beautiful square.

This is just perfect coaster ever. This is very unique idea to make a cute table coaster. This pattern is started by making a circular motif with puff stitch all around. Braid is added in the last to do border.

This doily is also so pretty. Its done in 2 beautiful colors , Brown and blue. This looks so great in its look.

This is pretty doily made with pine apple pattern . It start with the regular style from doing a magic circle, and lasts doing one side separate. This is really beautiful and easy to do. It can be placed on table as runner, or you can put this on roof as rug. For table doily, do this with 3ply yarn . And if you are using rug for a room, then you have to do it with t.shirt yarn or some chunky yarn. This will give a delicate look to your tables or rooms. This is really beautiful and easy to make. You can visit my channel and find all free patterns. i love to do all simple and easy pattern for the beginners specially.


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