5 Crochet Top Pattern Vest Pattern FREE PATTERN


Hello and very welcome to my crochet web page. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying you crochet craft. So for today’s article, I have some really and nice patterns. These are simple yet beautiful designs. Patterns are super cute and easy to make. These are really very nice and easy. You can make them by watching the tutorials. Patterns that are shared , suit for summer projects. These are not thick and filled. So you can do them to make you summer projects. In summer, we mostly do summer prayer shawls, summer vests, beach bags, tops and decorative curtains. So this is our first pattern done in off white color.

Yes my dear friends again today I came with a different question job model I prepared a model in this way, its construction is final extremely easy It looks so stylish as well it’s really easy to make now You’ll soon see one slow I’ll tell you slowly and again on the side I will put our numbers you can easily Yeah, one way with Alize Diva I did it, let me show you look our rope Alize Diva friends a cream colored rope as a crochet, a tear of two and a half millimeters let’s find this and such  a beautiful view was formed in the cottage easily in all your projects. you can use it, it will be a very nice tunic it becomes a vest, it becomes a skirt, it becomes a bag You can make a scarf whatever comes to your mind. Easily in any project look very stylish that you can use we have a very easy model, friends. Yes I think I talked too much to the recipe we can pass now in the first place after landing our job fixed like this we draw four chains.

This is the second pattern I am sharing with you. Pattern is done in mustered color. The color is so beautiful and the style is superb. Pattern is super easy going. Beginners can easily make the same. This is best to make bags, tops and shawls.

Yes, my dear friends, today I will share this beauty with you, let me show you, it is very beautiful. I love it. Don’t really look at this model as it looks so mixed up. If you do it step by step with me in order, you will solve it easily guys, look very nice this is a mouth away let me show you what can be done everything summer all projects you can also use it very nice Bruce is made with it tunics vests whatever comes to your mind, friends, the bag is everything, you can use it anywhere Yes, now I used a cotton thread while doing this. Zoom in like this. Look at its texture. Let me show you this way, you can go online and see but when I am explaining in the video, it opens too many floors and I have difficulty. So, with a macrame thread, which I won’t tell you about now. I want to tell at the same time, if we make a bag, its image with macrame thread Let’s see how it is, and it is easy to knit, it is comfortable and uncomfortable, what should I pass on macrame. friends, but Koton Both of them looked very good. Indeed, if you are going to make a summer project for yourself, You can easily knit the model with the rope of the box and a half-mile crochet hook. I used First your project Anyway lots of loose   pull our chains guys, unfold this model because it’s straight It’s a model we built on a chain. Therefore, pull a little too much. You cut off the part of it. Yes, look a little, I took enough to show you here In the first place, we make three frequent needles in one of our rows.

This blue color design is fabulous. Do this pattern and make something really new and unique. Pattern is easy and its 4 row pattern. If you know how to do double crochet stitch and chains, you can easily make the pattern. You can use any color and any size of yarn and hook.  Yes, my friends, today I will show you in the image. waterwork model you have seen Tell me I will work It is very easy very elegant model really not starting I will tell especially for your friend Today this model is three and a half millimeters long I used a crochet hook my floss s a yarn of the box one hundred percent Guys, let me show you something.

Randomly entered while surfing the internet a site where it is sold at 100 100 cotton threads at a lot of prices according to the market it seemed appropriate to me like this let me show you a different color if you want it In this way, a total of 25 chains.