5 Crochet Baby Girl Top Patterns FREE


Hello everyone, welcome to my Crochet Web, very easy to make girl in this video. I made a very nice vest narration for our babies, my vest is 0-3 months old. suitable for babies six months old is also suitable for babies Friends, I will measure each stage in the future, but at the moment it is finished. I want to convey to you as a measurement from the collar to the meat part a-29 cm and width as follows 24 cm this right there A22 cm Yes So we understand our measurements this Our arm is 12 cm from top to bottom. You can make these measurements according to your wishes.

You can reduce and enlarge, friends, in addition to the number of starting, as follows: same numbers of starting number from zero to one year old You can use it as a starter after that Two rows or 3 rows for each age you can apply the rank increase process, and after one year, add for every one or two years you can make one loop on each sleeve, one loop on the back for both ages You can add two loops to the part, ladies, without further ado, we will immediately start our meal Let’s move on to the construction, I wish good luck to everyone who will do it. I use two threads for my vest. I use fiber thread. If you wish, you can choose a different thread. You can, but the dimensions and numbers I will give are actually the dimensions. numbers are valid for fiber rope, I will give it in numbers, also different rope If you use it, you can adjust your own loops accordingly

I start my hand as a chain I pull too much chain I need After getting chained, let’s cut our excess chains But you pull a long chain like me, pull about a hundred We will need 65 chains in total anyway. Maybe sixty maybe 70’s. I’m estimating because, as I said, we’re building the model directly on the chain.So you draw the trail of the long glass chain like m I pulled my chains It doesn’t matter right now You guess seventy too fourth I’m sinking into the chain I made a handrail This is the front part I made two chains, I fill your head, I sink into the same slot, one handrail I’ve done it, I’m stuffing it on your head, one of the next chain for Trabzon arm I separate it, I make a total of 15 handrails for our arm. I made 15 handrails for this topic now I make two chains again and I fill myself in the same air again I’m sinking so I made a handrail next I make a handrail inside each chain from the chains like this Ahmet Kaya and let’s make 30 handrails for the back in total For the back of 30 handrails in total I did it.

Now I pulled two chains again, I’m stuffed in the same chain sinking I made a handrail, one of each chain from the next chains Let’s make 15 Trabzon again for the arm by taking Trabzon. For this arm, I made 15 handrails and again I pulled two chains. I put a chain on your head, I made a handrail in the same slot and immediately I made a handrail from the chain next to it, there were two handrails side by side Friends, look now, there are two of them side by side, 15 for Trabzon front. 30 for the arm, 15 for the rear, 32 for the arm, for the rear now i do this I would like to inform you about the numbers in inches, friends, with five sleeves as follows. inch back of this Ben 10 inches other 5 inches on the arm Of course, now we cut off our excess chains, but I’m cutting our chains a little three times ahead I didn’t have very small scissors like this, I used them with knowledge, I cut three ahead I got it here and our every entry the same our every exit it will be the same so i just show one row you go on I took 3 chains from the same and turned my knitting look because we’re making an auction, if you don’t make an auction look here, not here we’re going to sink, but because I’m going to make an auction, I’m sinking one to the bottom of the chain right away I made an increase like this, one handrail on the second handrail I made an increase point and there is also here the place where we pulled the chain,

I made an increase like this Trabzon counting from two to four I got up, I pulled two chains, I’m stuffed on my head, I’m sinking in the same nest again grain increase brand perfume what did i do i fill your hea I’m sinking into the first top of the way here you have 15 handrails I’m making a handrail in the nest What is this meanwhile Trabzon count on the arm It will increase to 17 because there are two loops from each row to the front and back. Therefore, in each section, the traces of two loops are added according to the previous order. it will multiply, we will be confused Sake, this is how you can move forward now let’s make all our handrails here I have come to this point of increase, our increase points are already  evident Look, I’ve made a railing on every railing, I’m enjoying it here We had two chains, I’m sinking into the slot, I increased one loop between 2 I made a chain, see my chains over there, so our loops have now increased to 17, one in the same slot I’m doing more augmentation and yes now we’ve moved to the back In the section, we take one Trabzon from each handrail to the top of the first handrail. I’m sinking, I built a handrail, we had 30 handrails, let’s get this far friends, there will be 32 with the increase in the back section. I came to the point. pull my chain sorry I pulled my two chains I increased it once more in the same slot look when we count the back section I’m filling up 32 heads and and one handrail on the next handrail and one on each handrail let’s make a handrail I got to this augmentation point front like this Look, I made your arm too. Did I get an increase for the arm here?

I pulled my chain, I’m filling the same slot alone I’m sinking this is happening for the front I immediately bought a handrail from the first handrail and we had 3 chains from the side, friends, now every exit is the same Every attempt will be in the same way, so at this time the output will be I’ll show the entrance I’m going to show again look, we had a chain here We had three chains Tw not the chain, but the third. We sink into the chain, we make a handrail and the same Since we will increase the point, we are sinking once again, a handrail we have done it, the number of 2 stitches in the front has now increased to four. It is valid for both sides at each output. Two loops at each output. offer two handrails then we made it in time, now the entrance is for you I’ll show here again I pulled my three chains and wrapped them around the loop Our number is 4 right now, friends, look, I’m sinking right on the top of the first handrail I made one increase here, as you can see, the chain is two on one side. I bought a handrail from the handrail next to it, from Trabzon next to it one more we make a handrail over each handrail and here are five it’s done, now we made another increase here, our number of stitches there right now increased to 6 in the same way again two chains we are doing it in the same slot I made a handrail I made an increase for the arm I’m filling up and sinking into the first handrail on the arm, and every single handrail I’m making one Trabzon on top of it, with the increase process, which is 17.


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