Hello welcome to my Crochet blog. Its about the end of the September and end of spring and summer in some areas. So i brought you some exciting patterns to do some winter things to warn you or your baby. I am sharing few tutorials with you to make blankets, afghans, cardigans, sweater, and shawls. These are are simply quick patterns and you can easily learn by watching the tutorials that i am sharing with you all. These are super cute and gorgeous with different fresh colors. You can use these colors by using the patterns and make a gorgeous thing. I hope you would love the patterns and also would love to share it with your crochet friends and family.

I also share my own patterns on my YouTube channels , so you can get my patterns by subscribing my channels. On my site, i have shared more than thousand of free patterns tutorial and some with written instructions. You can go to the home page and fond more patterns.

Look at this gorgeous beauty. I love the colors with this pattern . These are shells in big circle . Pattern is easy to make so you can learn by watching the tutorial. This pattern is taken from the YouTube so you will get a tutorial by clicking on the picture.

This is very different and unique pattern with using two colors. In this pattern you have to do five rows with one color then doing next color’ s five rows. This is super gorgeous and very thick. This is best to make blankets and mats.

This is my favorite pattern with favorite colors. This is so cute . It is full with tiny hearts all around. This is best to make blankets, cardigans, tops, afghans, shawls , bags and many more things you can imagine of.

This is something little different than a regular waffle stitch. Its called Diamond Waffle Stitch. Normal waffle stitch is in square shape and done row by row. This is little different in making. You can learn this by watching the free tutorial . Click on the picture and get the free tutorial.

This is beautiful crochet stitch for baby blankets, afghans , shawls, throws, spreads, bags, hats, cardigans, mats and many more projects. This is super easy project for all to make. This is easy to do and also fast to make. You can do this pattern in as many colors as you like. But for this pattern, two colors are must to use. If you are doing baby blankets, then multiple colors or rainbow colors are best for baby projects. I would love to do an afghan in multiple colors. Below i have attached a video pattern for you all to understand this pattern easily. This is easy pattern for all to make it easily. If you follow the video pattern , you can make this pattern easily without any mistake. I hope you would love this pattern to make a projects for you or your baby or loved one. Thank you in advance.