Hello and welcome to all.

So here i have posted four beautiful patterns for making laces, borders, doilies and shawls. These all are beautiful and easy pattern and i have posted videos for these patterns. For getting patterns, please click on the picture and it will directly lead you to the free pattern.

Beautiful lace made for headbands and for making belts. You can use this as bag strap.

Next pattern is really gorgeous and can be used in many thing like you can attach this on border. You can attach this on the bottom of the dress or jeans. Do this as headbands and many more.

Beautiful and easy pattern is posted here. It free to follow and make your favorite lace or item.

Do these doilies and attach them to make shawls, cardigans, scarfs, bags and many more.

This is so pretty pattern looks like the field of flowers. Its really easy to do also delicate in look. This is the mixture of dc, sc, chains, and puff stitches. This pattern is more ideal for baby blankets, baby cardigans, scarfs, caps, shawls, pocket shawls, cowls, bed throws, bags etc. This pattern is started with the multiple of 10 chains. If you are doing in big size, then plus 10 on the multiple of 10 till the desired length. I have done 37 chains for this piece of pattern. 30 chains for this main part, 3+3 chains for both sides of 3dcs, and 4 chains extra for turning the side. so, you will have to do 3chains for stating 3dc+the desired length+3chains for end dc+4extra chains.

How is this Crochet lace with beads? This is so pretty Crochet lace , totally handmade. You can attach this lace on the bottom of your dress, frocks, table clothes, bed covers, around the cushions, on crochet frock or many more. This is purely handmade, using thin yarn with beads. This lace is in the style of shell stitch then dc on the shells. Beads are added on the last row of the lace. You can start this lace on the chains or on cloth too. This is so pretty and easy . It will add the beauty in your fabric.