Hello, and welcome back to my crochet free patterns page. Here you will get free patterns for crochet. I have a lot of free patterns to share with you people. I love to try new stitches and new crochet patterns with video tutorials. I have taken these patterns from the YouTube. These are totally free to follow and save or download. You can share these patterns with your loved ones too. I have taken all the patterns from single YouTube channels. This channel is owned by a Russian artist. She is really amazing and hardworking crochet designer. I love to watch all her Patterns. I am attaching her channel’s link below. You can visit her channel and get hundreds of the pattern. Here I am showing some of her work with some steps.  

I invite you to connect crochet beautiful and very easy toper formed openwork pattern for summer. The method of this pattern is only two rows. it knits easily and quickly. here is such a wonderful one. this is what one side looks like pattern. this is what the other side looks like pattern and if you knit a skirt from it.  This pattern very it will look nice here in this direction knits easily and quickly I knitted it from thin cotton 100 grams. I have 560 meters and a hook used for knitting thin 075 mm. this is what it looks like on the knitting pattern openwork pattern 14 air loops that is, the initial chain must be a multiple of 14 air eyelets pattern. The Pattern is only two row further. the drawing alternates in a chess sequences Can you pause the video? take a closer look at this diagram the diagram can be viewed in the tab communities make the first stitch. I knit a chain of air loops multiple of 14 air loops I knitted a chain of 90 8 for a sample air loops. then we will knit the next row for transition to the next row, perform one additional air loop and the next row is all about knitting in columns. single crochet 1 loop of the base 1single crochet.

Pull out the loop knitted 2 loops together the next loop on. the base in the same way pulled out the loop knitted 2 loops together and so we knit in columns without the whole. row knitted without a row with single crochet this will be the basis of this pattern further about knitting the first row of rapport this pattern the pattern is very simple only two rows. Now about knitting the first row of this pattern perform four air loops flip knitting to the other side. we make 1 yarn over on the hook and in the same loop of the base about knitting single crochet column. then 1 air loop and four yarns per hook now we hold these four loops and on count the seventh loop to the base.one two three 4 5 six 7 we drive the hook into the seventh loop we knit column with four crochets a knitting this column with four double crochet around the column, do 4 a shaving anti loops on a hook a hook we circle around the column. we grab the loop and we stretch out it turns out the first drink yet once one ok yarn over hook circle around and pull out the second drink.

I third and wrap the fourth and now all the loops knit 1 loop we fix the air turned out a column with four yarn overs and on top 4 twists twisted post. then we make four crochets on the hook and in the same loop we knit the base the same second column. first we will knit 4 with a crochet then 2 loops together and around the column with four crochets do 4 circle 4 times. we knit all the loops together. we fix the air perform four yarn overs again hook in the same loop of the base. we will knit 3 columns with four crochets and around this column is the same in the form of four crochets4 shaves knit all stitches together. we fix the air perform the fourth time four loops on hook in the same loop on the basis of knit. a column with four crochets and the same twist 4 all loops knit together we fix the air loops.

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