3 Beautiful Easy Crochet Patterns Free


Hello how are you all hope you are all well so the patterns that i am going to share in this article are very cute and beautiful patterns they are brand new patterns and very cool ways If you learn these patterns you can create anything from them. I have taken this pattern from youtube the name of the channel is bring meeting if you go to youtube must watch the meeting very nice design on this channel albeit if you design it i am sure you can make anything.  Let’s move on to today’s pattern.

This pattern is made in peach color. It is very beautiful. You can use it to make a top. If you like, you can make a shawl for this. Very few things are needed. First you need the thread. No one should be too thick and everyone should go because they have made Croatia stand out. If you are making and you know how to make double crochet stage and chain then it is very easy for you. You can make it and make jersey for yourself.

They can also make and thread if you wish. Crochet job is a job that you can learn very easily. If you have access to the internet, you can learn lessons from her video on YouTube. If you find it difficult to learn from the video, there are many on the internet. There are websites that write these patterns.

This is the second pattern in today’s article. It’s also very simple. You do not have to work hard to make it, but if you know how to make double crochet stitch and chain, you can easily make this pattern. So you just need to learn more and more legs if you learn two stages you can easily do this pattern I have used this pattern it is very easy and also becomes very fast this artist has done this pattern. You can make this pattern in any color you like. If you like the colors, you can use different colors in each line in this same pattern. I like only one color. You can use different colors to make baby things. If you are making a jersey or shawl for your mom or a friend, you can use good colors for them. Light colors are very good for people.

This pattern is the third pattern of this hand today so I thought I must share this pattern with everyone. The beauty of this pattern is that floral designs are used in this pattern. There are some that have mostly straight lines but very beautiful flowers are made in this pattern. It is very beautiful to look at. Viewers think that this pattern is very difficult to make. But believe me this pattern is very simple if you have the guts. If you have a lot of time and you are very patient then you can easily make. The work of Croatia is a work that requires a great deal of patience. Sometimes we are using a design but it is not becoming us. And we leave this design there in despair. But I suggest that if you want to make a good design, you have to be patient. This design I have taken from a Turkish designer is very beautiful and neat. If you do this if you go to her channel you will see that every one of her designs is very pleasing to the heart. You must use this design if you want to make something good for children. This design is very suitable for making frocks for children.

If you like today’s designs, please subscribe to my channel. I now share that very beautiful design. I post whatever design I like here so that everyone can benefit from it. I love Croatian work and I know everyone should learn it. I share all the free patterns on this site. Because there are a lot of people who can’t afford it. So this website is very suitable for all of them. I have shared dozens of designs on this site. You can visit my website and see all my designs for free. If I ever share a design that is tempting, I will give you the link. Thank you very much.