20 Crochet easy pattern are posted here for free. This is the page for free crochet patterns that can be used to make blankets, afghans, cardigans, shawls, ,mats, scarfs, bags, throws, coasters and many more things. These are absolutely free pattern and you can watch and try them again and again. You can make the set of coasters or afghans and gift them to your friends or family.

Crochet is top rated craft activity that everyone loves to do. Its the best craft to create garments and other wearable things. I have attached all the free video patterns for all these beautiful stitches. Try them out and comment me down to tell or ask any thing. Before going to the patterns, please subscribe my youtube channels. I have dozens of crochet pattern useful to make blankets, afghans, women tops, and coasters.

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Today’s stitch is for Baby blankets, shawls, pocket shawls, cardigans, tops, coasters, hats, bags, mats or any project that you can think of. This pattern or stitch is the mixture of shells, puffs and Front post single crochet. I used here two light and soft colors for baby blankets. If you like to make a top or vest for women, then you can add some mature colors like brown, black , chocolate or skin. These contrasts will make your project so pretty.

Today is made this crochet ball for Christmas tree . Its a beautiful ornament to hand on tree for Christmas. You can also make this for kids to play as Ball. I made this Ball with white and red yarn , and with a small hook 1.6 mm. So if you like , you can add more colors in this Ball. And if you like to make it in a big size, then use big hook and bulk yarn.

Today’s pattern, Crochet little wreath for hanging on you Christmas tree. It looks so cute in small size. Easy and fast to make. You need only 20 minutes to Complete this little wreath . So, hurry up and give your trees more pretty look.

Video and written pattern attached on this page.

Thank you In Advance

Things you need

Hook size 1.6 mm, yarn 2/3 ply, little charms

2Rows wreath

R1; 32 chains

R2; skip 2 chains, make 1 dc in 3rd chain, make 3dc in each (4th chain to last)

Make in 2 colors. when both colors are done, stitch them with their last stich and then curl them together.