Hello and welcome to another crochet patterns page. Like always I am again sharing some very new and beautiful patterns. For today. I chose easy and new patterns. They are new and very unique. I will tell you about the pattern by some lines. But I will attach the link to the full tutorial. Here is such a mesh she knits very easily. the pattern is only two rows. this pattern will look very nice. for example in summer blouses or tonics very easy and fast knitting. this is what one side looks like. pattern this is what the other side looks like very beautiful. this pattern also has a comfortable. first row it is made up of rings. no need to count air loops and just knit and count the number of these rings. I knitted this pattern from thin cotton 50 grams I have on 280 meters and a hook used for knitting thin 075 mm perform. the first loop and knit a chain of 4 air loops. 1 loop 2 3 and 4 .  then we make 2 crochets on the hook we start the hook in the very first air loop knit these two crochets.

first 1 yarn over then 2 yarn overs and then 2 loops together. it turns out the first such ring then. we also collect 4 air loops 2 crochets per hook. we start the hook in 1 air loop knit 2 stitches. then 2 loops together again 4 air loops 2 crochets per hook. we start the hook in the first air loop knit 2 stitches then 2 loops together. this is how the initial one turns out chain of rings knitted the initial row. I knitted 20 such rings for a sample number of rings must be even. then we will knit the next row we start a hook in a ring about we knit a column without yarn over then. we perform 6 air loops 3 crochets per hook hit here even a ring about knitting a column with three crochets. first knit 1 stitch then 2 yarn over I 3 double crochets untie to the end leave open on hook. then we make 2 crochets on the hook we start the hook. 1 yarn over on previous we capture the column loop knit 2 stitches once again we perform 2 crochets on the hook we start the hook here on the first column in 1 crochet knitting stitches. once again two crochets on the hook we start here. this 1 yarn over on the first column and knit 2 stitches now knit 2 loops together. again 2 loops together and again 2 loops together it turned out here is such a magnificent column. then we perform 8 air loops. we also perform three crochets on the hook.

hello, I suggest you crochet beautiful wonderful square motifs. that fit very well simple and very easy to connect to each other in a single canvas. these are the wonderful motives obtained in each country of this motive. This pike is made with the help of connecting the motifs.  the motifs are easily interconnected. square motifs turned out to be an ideal square shape and they make a very nice combination. these motives, such a canvas is obtained from them in the middle of each motive. It is knitted such here it is us. they need to be connected in this order joins very easily and knits very quickly . this is such a wonderful beauty, you need to tie them in the form of a ribbon. lace can be knitted in the form of a large canvas. this is what the back side looks like this is what the front looks like I connected these motifs, I became grams from thin cotton, I have 560 meters and a hook for knitting at the same time.

 I used a thin 075 mm this is how this square motif looks on the knitting pattern knitting. It starts from this point with 10 air loops and knitted row by row performed a square. it is very important to pay attention to here. this row is a row in which three crusts of small then 7 air loops are performed, but the most important thing in this row is the corner of the square is made after knitting the entire square on each side. you should get 8 such arches you can pause the video and take a closer look at this scheme. the scheme can be viewed in the community tab. It makes the first stitch knit a chain of 10 air loops. now we close the resulting chain into a ring we have a semicircle. we insert the hook into the very first air loop and we stretch the working loop through the first loop.

full tutorial available here