2 Amazing Crochet Patterns For Blankets shawls

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Hi everyone welcome to my crochet page or my crochet web. Today I’m bringing another so beautiful and   really easy baby blanket. This baby blanket  is so beautiful and so comfortable for baby   and really nice size for your  little one. I use same pattern for the border. it’s so  beautiful and really easy to make. only two rows  to repeat even beginners can make too. i’m going to give you all detail step by step. i really love  this soft baby blanket. i hope you will love too. If  you like this article please thumbs up and share and  comment down below. if you’re new for my web page don’t forget to join with my 100 000 subscribers  by clicking the subscribe button. if you missed my previous patterns please click  on my web page name or other articles under this  article so  you can get my your previous patterns in  here. this all patterns are with the English  too. Visit youtube channel craft and crochet for full pattern.

 okay before i start my new blanket i gonna  show you my finished blanket with this full set. this baby boots are make using basic boots pattern and this baby hat i’m using same pattern to make this baby hat. this baby hat is so comfortable  for babies you can get the five different size newborn to two years five. different size i’m going  to give you this all instructions in my web page.   this baby cardigan i’m using same  pattern to make this baby cardigan. you can get the five different  size using the same pattern   i’m gonna give you this all  link in description down below.  this baby blanket is so beautiful and really  easy to make and so fast. i take around seven  and a half hours to finish this baby blanket.

i’m  using same pattern for this baby blanket border .it’s come out beautiful finishing. it’s really  nice size for the baby you can make this blanket smaller bigger using the same pattern. i’m going  to show you each different size to make the border.  this side is coming 40 inches and this blanket  high is coming, this is the square blanket.  you can make the rectangle or smaller  or bigger size using the same pattern by using multiple of this blanket. it’s  coming 40 inches or 102 centimetres. this is the square blanket. it’s  really nice size for the babies.   this is the back side for this blanket. this is  the other side this side. i have a 3d shape. it’s only two rows to repeat. 

i’m using white color yarn .you can use any color yarn for this  baby blanket. we need five yarn balls. this yarn is double knitting yarn you can see this  is the double knitting yarn. this yarn recommend  hook is four. this yarn ball have 100 gram  330 meters. we need five yarn ball to make this  40 inches blanket. you can make a smaller bigger  size i’m using four millimeter crochet hook or you can use the different colors with your choice. you  can use six rows one colour or next six rows with  the different colors. i’m going to use with the one  colour you can use any colour for this baby blanket.  i’m using white color yarn . this blanket is going side to side  start with the foundation chain. okay let’s  get start i’m using this stitch counter this one is really useful if we going to  make the big project. if you don’t have  this one you can use the different color yarn.

i’m going to show you how to use this both this blanket is going side to side. you start with the foundation chain to begin slip knotand chain one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.  now i have a ten chain I’m  going to mark in here.  again now i have a 20 chain I’m  going to mark in here two i’m going to count ten by ten.now i have a hundred chain i’m going to show you how to use the different color yarn  .i’m going to put this different color yarn  behind a hook like this and start the chain again. now i have 139 chain here to  here 39 and here have 100 chain  altogether 139 chain. this one is going  multiple of 4 plus 3 this 139 chain is coming.

This is my second pattern for today. This is so gorgeous and amazing pattern to use to make vests or shawls. I love this pattern because its really very beautiful and new. make this pattern and impress your friends. i am attaching HERE the link to the pattern. Go there and watch the full tutorial. I hope you would like this pattern. If you like, please do comment and share my article with your friends and family who loves to crochet. Thank you in advance.