Hello , good evening to my crochet fellows. If you are searching new and free crochet patterns fir making new projects for winter, than you are on right place. My site provides the free patterns with no cost. I share a lot of free patterns with easy and quick instructions. Just stay connected with me and enjoy all the free patterns with easy tutorials. I have two amazing crochet YouTube channels where i share a lot of new patterns videos. Subscribe my channels and get the new ideas.

Today i have very easy and simple pattern for bed spread or bed cover , for you. This is the easy pattern to do. Also it looks so pretty for bed spread , sofa throws, or baby blankets. You can do any of the project with this easy and pretty pattern. This pattern take no time to complete. You can use as many colors as you want. If you like you can do use only 2 to 4 color too. Its all up to you, according to your taste. I love this pattern because its super easy for all to make. If you are a beginner, and you can not do complicated stitches, then try this pattern. You will find this pattern super easy. This pattern is made with chains and double crochet. All beginners know about how to do chains and how to do double crochet stitch. Chain is the most basic stitch in crochet , then double crochet is the basic.

Love this green and white textured pattern with a beautiful stitch. I love this contrast with this easy pattern. Make this pattern to do a gorgeous winter blanket.

This is absolutely very unique idea to do a vest or a shawl using this amazing pattern. This is very quick to make as drtr is used here as basic stitch.

Whenever i see this pattern, i fall in love again. Use these gorgeous color contrast to do a blanket or a cardigan for your baby.

This is again for doing a baby blanket or a cardigan. you can make this pattern for women tops, bags, hats, or a vest in this pattern. You can use multiple colors and make a great thing.

I am so in love with this amazing pattern . This pattern is very different from both sides. This is quite interesting to do. You can add multiple colors in base and do single color in for other place.

How is this airy and floral pattern for shawls, summer tops and scarfs. I love this idea because its really very airy to do in summer or in spring.

These are totally amazing square motifs for doing a blanket or a lap afghan. I love how these colors works around using mosaic pattern.

These are so beautiful little baby booties in very cute pattern with top lace. Tutorial is so easy and quick. You can make the same by following this pattern.

This is a circular table mat in single color. You can make the same Coaster in small size by reducing my some rows from the start.

This is beautiful crochet square motif for table runner or a bag. You can make too or an afghan with these motifs, too.

These are so cute motifs in navy blue and white. I love the idea how white works in this motif. Make a multiple of these motifs and join them to make a beautiful and decent blanket.

This is tje last pattern for today. These motifs are done in many colors using mosaic pattern from the start to end. These can make a cute kittle nah or a blanket .